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Sunday, July 3, 2011

4th of July

The Fourth of July is our Independence Day.  All those years ago our Nation fought to be freed of England and it's tiresome laws. The men that fought for our freedom we courageous and had such a belief that what they were doing was for the best thing for them and their families.

I just wanted to share my testimony that the leaders of that time, such as General George Washington, were foreordained to help bring this nation to freedom. They were inspired and God fearing men that they would do anything to have the freedoms and liberties that we are privledged to know today. I don't take for granted that I live in  free country, I try to excirse my rights as much as I can.

Because of those brave men the Lord was able to lay the foundation for his church to be brought back upon the earth. Although it may be several more years before that would happen those men gave thanks to the Lord for his hand in their success.

Today I am thankful for those men that they listened to the Lord's promptings to fight for freedom and succeeded.

General George Washington praying at Valley Forge

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