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Friday, February 5, 2010

1 Nephi 17-20

Chapter 17

vs 3 - If we keep the commandments the Lord will provide for us what we are in need of

Nephi chastizes his brothers and relates the story about Moses and the Israelites and how wicked they had become

vs 44 - There is a line in this verse that I really liked and it says "and the Jews also sought to take away his life." - Nephi is explaining that the Jews wanted to kill Lehi - the Jews are the ones who wanted to crucify Jesus. I love how in the scriptures many of the prophets are types for Christ! It makes the scriptures easier to understand by knowing this.

vs 45 - this is a really great verse that I wanted to share. Here is a part of the verse that I really liked "and he hath spoken unto you in a still small voice, but ye were past feeling, that ye could not feel his words." I also had a quote in my scriptures that goes along with this verse. Quote: "We can be too busy to pay attention to the promptings of the spirit . . . It is a spiritual voice that comes into your heart." Boyd K. Packer (The Cloven Tongues of Fire, May 2000 Ensign) We shouldn't keep our hearts closed b/c then we can't hear what is important

Chapter 18

vs 10-15 - Nephi is bound and his brothers become wicked and the Liahona stops working. When we are being wicked we drive away the spirit and we tend to loose our way. We need to repent so that we can have his Spirit with us always.

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