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Monday, February 1, 2010

1 Nephi 1-4

Tonight I started a new reading schedule, thanks to my friend Brittany who drew it up and asked who wanted to read the Book of Mormon with her before conference. So I took up the challenge and thought that I would write down some thoughts that I had as I was reading.

Here is what I gathered from my reading tonight. Forgive me if this seems scattered, I just wrote down what I was thinking as I read.

Chapter 1

I never noticed before but Lehi had a vision in which he saw Christ in his full Glory along with him were his 12 apostles (vs 9)

Lehi was shown Jerusalem's destruction

When Lehi told the Jews that they needed to repent they were angry b/c they didn't want someone telling them that they were wrong in doing wicked things. This made me think of when a child, more like a teenager, is being told by their parents that they are being disobedient and that they need to change or something bad is going to happen. (vs 19-20)

Chapter 2

Lehi shows Laman the river and says that he should be like the river which is "continually flowing into the fountains of righteousness" (vs 9) we should always strive to be righteous and be constant in doing so.

Lehi shows Lemuel the valley and says that the he should be "firm and steadfast and immoveable in keeping the commandments of the Lord" (vs 10) We should strive to be immoveable in keeping the commandments and not faulter, but we are not always perfect but should be trying.

Chapter 3

This chapter i think was talking about how every parent wants what's best for their child and will do what it takes to make them happy even when they are not being righteous or are struggling with their faith.

Chapter 4

We should always keep the commandments because when we do the Lord will bless us (vs 14) Just like when Nephi trusted in the Lord to help get the plates. We should also have Faith that the Lord will help us when we need him.

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