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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

2 Nephi 3-6

This morning my son woke up not feeling so good so I brought him into my room to sleep in my bed and as I lay there with him, hoping to fall asleep again myself, the thought occurred to me that I had not been reading my scriptures the last several weeks. I can't believe that it has been so long and that I let it slip away from me. So with that thought in my head I got up and came downstairs. The house was very peaceful, I turned on the lamp in the family room and sat down in the chair and opened up my scriptures to read where I had left off. Here are a few thoughts from the chapters that I read.

Chapter 3
vs 5-6: Lehi is telling his son Joseph that a latter day prophet wil be born from his lineage. He is talking about Joseph Smith and the restoration of the gospel.

vs 8: is a reference to the restoration

vs 17: gives a small description of Joseph Smith's character. He was not a very educated person but had a great presence and influence on people

vs 19: reference to the writing and translation of the Book of Mormon

Chapter 4
vs 17-35: Psalm of Nephi, in these verses Nephi pours out his heart
  • he prays to the Lord for strength and forgiveness
  • he asks for help w/ his enemies

Chapter 5

vs 2-3: Laman and Lemuel want to kill Nephi b/c they think that he wants to be their ruler

Nephi and his believers leave and begin to prosper

vs 15-16: Nephi teaches his people how to build using all kinds of materials that are available to them. they begin to build a temple.

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