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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Articles of Faith

For Family Night last night I gave the lesson on The Articles of Faith. Now that my son is almost 7 we thought that it was time to start memorizing The Articles of Faith. I gave a brief history on how they came to be and was surprised that I didn't know it. I love Church history and somehow this one fell through the cracks of my readings. Well anyway there is no real lesson on the Church website so I adapted a Primary Sharing Time lesson which included a picture to color. Score! It was short lesson, and it was interactive which was perfect b/c my son's attention span is like 5 mins tops for things like this. I wanted to share with you the short little history that I found in case you are wondering about it.

- Where did the Articles of Faith come from?

In March 1842 the Prophet Joseph Smith received a letter from Mr. Wentworth, a newspaper publisher in Chicago, Illinois, asking questions about the Church. As Joseph answered the letter, he was inspired to write thirteen statements that contain many of the beliefs of the Church. These statements became our Articles of Faith.
Later, in 1880, members at the October general conference of the Church voted to accept the Articles of Faith as scripture.

* reference to Sharing Time: The Articles of Faith

As a family we are now committed to memorizing an article of faith each month starting with the first one.

We believe in God, the Eternal Father, and in his son, Jesus Christ, and in the Holy Ghost.
I even created word docs with a fun border with an article of faith inside, 13 total. I printed the first one on white cardstock and "laminated" it with contact paper and hung it on the fridge.
Here is a free printable for you to download and print.
*disclaimer: when I loaded it onto Scribd the font changed. If you would like a pdf file with prettier font please email me at

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