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Sunday, March 11, 2012

I Hope They Call Me on a Mission

Today I taught the lesson in Primary and it wss title I Can Tell Other about Jesus Christ. This was such a fun lesson to prepare because it was about trying to be a missionary as a child. I had the kids draw pictures of doing missionary work so that we could send them to our Missionaries from our ward. The kids were really excited and got into it. Good thing that we currently only have 4 out b/c it took pretty much our entire class time afer I had shared a couple stories from the lesson. At the end of class I handed each kid a missionay tag that I had made. I had seen the plastic ones that said Future Missionary but didn't want to spend money so I made paper ones with items that I had on hand, printer, cardstock, contact paper for lamenation and brooch pins. They were pretty excited when I showed them the tags. So I thought that I would share with you the printable that I made so that you can use them.
Missionary Tags

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