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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The Tree of Life - Dark and Dreary Waste

Today as I was listening to the Book of Mormon it came to the chapter of Lehi's dream of the Tree of Life. As the chapter finished I decided that I would study this chapter a little bit more in depth. There is so much to learn from this one little chapter, so I'm going to start with the Dark and Dreary Waste. The following are my thoughts and quotes that I found that helped me to understand this section better.

1 Nephi 8

Vs 7: Dark and Dreary Waste

  • sometimes we wander aimlessly in our trials b/c we are confused
  • we feel lost
"It seems that down through the ages people have wandered to and fro in the earth, and many never find their way out of the wilderness in which they are lost. The dictionary describes wilderness as an empty or pathless area or region, a pathless waste of any kind, a confusing multitude or mass. And thus those who aimlessly wander through life, confused and uncertain, waste the precious time that they have been given to prove themselves in this important stage of their existence." - Elder N. Eldon Tanner (1974 Oct Conference, Why Is My Boy Wandering?

- there are many things that will cause us to be confused 

"Let us diligently strive to understand the wonderful things of God. The jewels of the gospel of Jesus Christ are within our reach. But we must seek - ask and strive for - and live the principles of truth." - Elder Royden G. Derrick (1984 Oct Conference, By Their Fruits Ye Shall Know Them)

- What are you doing to not feel lost?
- Are you asking for help?

" How stimulating and edifying to approach Him in prayer each morning and evening and feel His nearness and His love as we acknowledge His hand, and in our need, seek His help." - Elder Rex C Reeves (1982 Oct Conference, Look to God)

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