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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Tree of Life: Large and Spacious Building

It's been awhile since I last posted, but does not mean I haven't forgotten about what I'm studying. Life was pretty hectic during the holidays. Well anyway, time to catch up on what I have learned.

1 Nephi 8

Vs. 9 - Large and Spacious Building

  • In the verse it is referred to as a field, but in the footnotes you go to 1 Nephi 12:16-18 and it is now a building, I think that they can be interchangeable
  • It represents the pride of the world

"Trying to please others before pleasing God is inverting the first and second great commandments. And yet, we have all made that mistake because of the fear of men. . . This peer pressure tries to change a person's attitudes, if not behavior, by making one feel guilty for giving offense." - Elder Lynn G Robbins (201 Oct Conference, Which Way Do You Face?)

  • Which way do you face?
  • Do you have your heart set on things of the world or of God?

"In reality these stories are not of the crowds but individuals among those crowds. . . I think each one of us understands what it means to partake of the fulfilling fruit of the tree of life within sight and sound of those who mock and what it means to exert every courageous effort to pay them no heed." - Elder Dennis Neuenschwander (2008 Apr Conference, One Among the Crowd)

"Pride is a very misunderstood sin, and many are sinning in ignorance. . .Most of us think of pride as self-centeredness, conceit, boastfulness, arrogance, or haughtiness. All of these are elements of the sin, but the heart, or core, is still missing. The central feature of pride is enmity - enmity toward God and enmity toward our fellowmen." - Pres Ezra Taft Benson (1989 Apr Conference, Beware of Pride)

- I was never aware that pride was such a complex sin. It really does make you think, "Am I sinning? Do I recognize the signs of this sin?"

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