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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Missionary Moment

I wanted to get this down before I forgot.

For the last several weeks, I've been talking to a co-worker. We knew each other but just recently became friends since we bothe moved into the same suite and sat across from each other. she is such a sweet and generous person, that I have found a kindred spirit in her. She and I like many of the same hobbies and have enjoyed each other's company. 

Well in our many discussions we have talked openly about religion. She herself is a Christian and goes to church regularly and is teaching her little boy to love reading the Bible. She found out that I'm a Mormon and started asking me questions. I of course would answer and explain as best as I could so that she would understand what we are all about. Most of the time our conversations came up naturally, and so it has been easy to talk to her about what we all about. I told her that we believe that families are forever and she loved that concept. She said that most churches don't really talk about family. She also loves that I live what I'm taught and that I'm not contradicting my beliefs when I talk about it. I'm glad that I'm living in a way that is being noticed for good.

I have been able to share my testimony of a lot of the gospel principles with her and she has been very open it. I hope that I have planted a small seed, so that one day she will be ready to fully accept the gospel.

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