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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Tree of Life: Iron Rod

I know that it's been awhile since I last posted. I just haven't had a chance to sit down to post the rest of my thoughts from the Tree of Life chapter. The next part that I wanted to share is on the Iron Rod.

1 Nephi 8

Vs. 19 - Iron Rod

The Iron Rod is a representation of the Word of God, in other words the gospel.

"Continually holding fast to the rod means that we strive to keep all of God's commandments, to have daily personalanf family prayer, and to study the scriptures daily." - Elder Kevin S. Hamilton (2013 Oct conference, Continually Holding Fast)

I love the hymn The Iron Rod, it's simple and states the purpose the iron rod has in our life. I will share with you the words of this beautiful hymn.

The Iron Rod - 274

To Nephi, seer of olden time,
A vision come from God.
Wherein the holy word sublime
Was shown an iron rod.

While on our journey here below
Beneath temptations pow'r
Through mists of darkness we must go
In peril ev'ry hour.

And when temptation's pow'r is nigh,
Our pathway clouded o'er,
Upon the rod we can rely,
And heaven's aid implore.

And, hand o'er hand, the rod along,
Through each succeeding day,
With earnest prayer and hopeful song,
We'll still pursue our way.

Afar we see the golden rest
To which the rod will guide,
Where, with the angels bright and blest
Forever we'll abide.

Hold to the rod, the iron rod;
'Tis strong, and bright, and true.
The iron rod is the word of God;
'Twill safely guide us through.

"Holding to the iron rod is not always easy. We may let go because of peer pressure or pride, thinking we can find our way back - later. When we do so, we are leaving our safety equipment behind." - Sister Ann M. Dibb (2009 Oct conference, Hold On)

I know that I've been tempted to let go. In fact I had "let go" for a short time. I wasn't going to church, I wasn't paying my tithing. At the time I also wasn't teaching my little boy the scriptures. My home didn't have the spirit. It was a rough patch for our family spiritually.

"If there is any one thing most needed in this time of tumult and frustration, when men and women and youth and young adults are desperately seeking for sneers to the problems which afflict mankind, it is an "iron rod" as a safe guide along the straight path on the way to eternal life." - Pres. Harold B. Lee (1973 April conference, Stand Ye in Holy Places)

I love this quote that I found from Elder Robert D. Hales, "Standing obedient and strong on the doctrine of our God, we stand in holy places, for His doctrine is sacred and will not change." (2013 April conference, Stand Strong in Holy Places)

When we stand firm in holy places, such as the temple, church or a spiritually uplifting home we are grasping and holding strong to the iron rod.

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