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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Restoration

I wanted to share this while it was still pretty fresh in my mind. Last night for family home evening we watched the The Restoration video as a continuation of last weeks lesson. This time 2 of my nephews joined us and it was a really nice evening. Throughout the video we would pause to discuss the scene we had just seen and it was neat to hear my older nephew's response to what he just saw. I can see his testimony budding and it warms my heart. It also helps that my husband was his primary teacher last year and they connect with each well as teacher and student. :)

I LOVE the story of the restoration and of Joseph Smith. I'm always in awe at the fact that a teenage boy of 14 sought out the Lord to see which church to join and had a miraculous experience for doing so.

I wanted to post the video but it doesn't look like I can so go here to watch the video and read more about the restoration and Joseph Smith.

There is a hymn that beautifully describes Joseph's experience that I wanted to share, and it is also one of my favorite hymns.

Joseph Smith's First Prayer

Oh, how lovely was the morning!
Radiant beamed the sun above.
Bees were humming, sweet birds singing,
Music ringing thru the grove,
When within the shady woodland
Joseph sought the God of love. …

Humbly kneeling, sweet appealing—
’Twas the boy’s first uttered prayer—
When the pow’rs of sin assailing
Filled his soul with deep despair;
But undaunted still he trusted
In his Heav’nly Father’s care. …

Suddenly a light descended,
Brighter far than noonday sun,
And a shining glorious pillar
O’er him fell, around him shone,
While appeared two heav’nly beings,
God the Father and the Son. …

“Joseph, this is my Beloved;
Hear him!” Oh, how sweet the word!
Joseph’s humble prayer was answered,
And he listened to the Lord.
Oh, what rapture filled his bosom,
For he saw the living God.

~ Hymn #26

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